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At Hopkins & Ball, we work with organisations in the North West and North Wales to dramatically transform their levels of employee engagement.  We facilitate leadership groups (our Leadership Boards) to share ideas on engagement, conduct audits and coach leaders on how to further engage their organisations, conduct employee engagement surveys and up skill employees in leadership, management and core skills.

Our unique 360 skills assessment process allows everyone in the organisation to identify their areas for development and we then take care of connecting each employee with the right course, programme or webinar that up skills them in the most time effective manner.

Engaged people, means happier more productive people, which means happier customers and more profitable organisations, which means it is easier to recruit and retain the best people and continue the cycle of excellence.

The Leadership Team
The Leadership Team
Just 2 hours a month spent with other business leaders to transform your organisation, your skills and grow your peer support network
The Leadership Board
The Leadership Board
Groups of up to 6 business meeting every other month combined with coaching to transform employee engagement
The Communication Works
The Communication Works
The Communication Works is for team members and managers who want to enhance their communication skills, so they can feel more confident and have more successful relationships.
Presentation Mastery
Presentation Mastery
Presentation mastery workshop in NW England. In just one day you will become a far more interesting and confident presenter.
The Engaging Manager
The Engaging Manager
A bespoke online coaching course for managers who want to engage their team
The NW HR Group
The NW HR Group
Quarterly meetings for HR professionals hosted by different organisations to hear about and share best practice
The Leadership Club
The Leadership Club
6 meetings a year at 6 different organisations to hear from leaders, hear from experts and work with other leaders
The Lunchtime Webinars
The Lunchtime Webinars
A series of webinars for those that want to develop a particular skill for themselves or someone in their business
Assess Your Skills
Take a couple of minutes to access your own leadership skills against best practice
Join The Leadership Team
Apply for a place on The Leadership Team and transform your success as a leader
Join the Leadership Board
Apply for a place on The Leadership Board

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Assess your leadership skills

  • An excellent workshop with a good balance of theory and practical skills to improve presentations. Caroline is a great facilitator who makes the day fun and uses great insights

    Peter SmithLiverpool Vision
  • Excellent workshop. Caroline was really attentive and gave us lots of good tips. I am going to recommend that every engineer in our company does this course

    Mahendra RamaGetrag Ford / Senior Engineer
  • Caroline is approachable, professional and instantly makes you feel at ease. From starting the course as a nervous presenter, I now feel confident to deliver effective presentations to my corporate clients. I would highly recommend this workshop – it is the best training I have done

    Fiona RidgwayR1 Creative / Marketing Manager
  • Caroline’s course is quite simply superb. From the minute I arrived she demonstrated an understanding of exactly what was required. The sessions were enjoyable and I left with a skill which I can use again and again to gain more business. Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of business and people makes her good at what she does. I would highly recommend Caroline.

    Gillian HuntEscata / Managing Director
  • Essential tools...I am far more perceptive now
    Katy Davies
  • would recommend it to anyone...brilliant course
    Nikki Girvan
  • really beneficial course... engaging and useful
    Alec Doyle
  • “As business leaders we should always be looking to take action that makes us more efficient and productive. The Leadership Team programme gave me the kick start to clear dross from my working day so that I could spend valuable time on important stuff – implementing one small, simple thing at a time has made all the difference. Thanks!”

    Peter AlcockPartner, Wilson Henry
  • “The goal of taking part in The Leadership Team was to be able to spend more time doing effective business development and effective selling. As part of the process, I looked at the pattern of a typical day and a typical week and homed in on those parts of the week that were being spent doing important developmental work. From this analysis, I came up with a simple, strategy that freed up considerable amount of my time and has given me a clear strategic intent on which to base my future actions."

    Charlie PearsonManaging Partner, Ernest Griffiths
  • “Jerry’s workshops proved really helpful over a disciplined approach covering key areas over a six month period. Having some form of revisiting over a defined period proved very useful as you had time to digest and then apply new techniques within the working environment. Another benefit, one of the best, has to be the fact that Jerry assembles like minded individuals and we learn from each other’s observations whilst also having the opportunity to trade with one another privately afterwards. Jerry’s preparation was immense and having so many relevant anecdotes and proactive prompt sheets helped encapsulate the theoretical to produce the practical methods to demonstrate the relevance of the clever techniques and models being explored and utilised. Jerry’s humour was always evident and every session also produced much laughter......but in a controlled way!”

    Charlie HurstDirector, Stackhouse Poland