Cameron on Thinking and Meetings

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With the UK election campaign getting underway, I was reading an article on David Cameron (we’ll all agree, like him or not, that he’s a fairly busy leader!).

The two things that jumped out at me that I feel all leaders of any organisation could take from what he was saying were:

1. Barack Obama had advised him before he was elected to schedule in some thinking time – Cameron gets his people to hold time to himself in his diary and he is very protective of this ‘appointment’ with himself – we do all need to find mechanisms to force thinking time into our days and protect it

2. He’s been know to walk into meetings, look around the room and say “there are too many people here to get anything meaningful done” and walk out – this may seem a little rude / harsh, but there’s lot to be said for the logic behind this – there are way too many overcrowded, unproductive meetings taking place

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