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EA Technology

"developing leadership and engaging employees"

Engagement Scores

  • 80% Employee Engagement Score
  • 6% Increase in Engagement Scores
  • 13% Increase in 360 Leadership Scores

In the years that EA Technology have been working with Hopkins & Ball, they have seen great improvements in their employee engagement in all areas and have been consistently increasing their engagement scores.


One of the key achievements was in promoting the common values and how they translate to people’s daily work in achieving the mission and purpose of the teams, as well as generating a culture of greater communication and input of ideas from everyone.  Through the ideas from the programme and contact with other organisations in the region, best practice has become common practice throughout the teams.

At the same time, Hopkins & Ball have supported the leadership and core effectiveness skills development across the business with a significant in 360 skills assessment scores.

“Hopkins & Ball has been a major factor in enabling us to identify the key areas to focus our engagement efforts, while also stimulating ideas and ultimately providing the accountability to take action to build on existing strengths and address areas that could improve.  We’re also delighted with the overall uplift in our leadership and core skill 360 scores and this has been a significant factor in our success over the last few years.”

Mark Sprawson
EA Technology

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