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There are 33 million people in employment (in 5 million companies) in the UK.  A recent study showed that we waste about £60bn in underutilising people every year…so that’s about £2k per person…if you factor in opportunity costs it is probably a lot higher.

To try and bridge this gap (but sometimes just to keep people happy), we offer them training. Typically, we pay our money, send someone off for the day to be trained, get told it was “really good” when they get back and then never see any sign of any improvement. If you are diligent enough, you may get round to complaining to the employee, who will probably say they have been too busy to implement the training or the training turned out to be impractical.

In the majority of cases, the real root cause of this waste is not the trainee’s time or the practical application of the training (although often the training is too long or should have been done in-house), it is a lack of time made available by their manager….that might be yourself!

And that is really the secret of creating more time. Rather like the expression “you need to speculate to accumulate”, you need to believe that by investing some time in leading well, you will create more time.

So, ask yourself, are you too busy to be successful? If you are, resolve to make some time to spend on leading, figure out when you will do so each week and then fight fiercely to protect this time from other distractions. It will be the greatest investment that you ever make.”

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