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Engagement Tools

7-factor model I-60

The I-60 Report is where we start the process of engaging people, based on the findings of the 7-factor report for your organisation, a diagnostic process from which you can identify strengths, gaps and opportunities to enhance engagement.

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Engagement Survey

The Engagement Survey will provide you with invaluable feedback about your current levels of engagement: highlighting areas of strength and opportunities to enhance engagement within your organisation.  We are able to achieve high levels of participation (above 90%) in our surveys as we understand the factors that will encourage people to respond.  The high participation allows you to generate a fuller picture of what people feel and think at all levels in all areas of the organisation to inform your engagement programme.

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360 Audit

Our 360 degree skills assessment and feedback allows you to identify current strengths and areas needing further development in the engaging skills of managers in your organisation.

The assessment is completed online by the manager and up to 6 colleagues, including their line manager and members of their team.

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P/V Analyser Tool

This tool provides a useful map of the performance/ values behaviours of people in your organisation, allowing you to easily identify the career and skills development potential of members of your teams.

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The Engaging
People Programme

The Engaging People Programme (EPP) is for leaders and managers who want to develop their skills in motivating, organising and engaging their people.  The process starts with a 360 assessment to identify current strengths and areas for development, before joining the one-day Engaging People workshop at Daresbury, to further develop skills and exchange ideas with other leaders and managers.

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The Engaged
Organisation Programme

The Engaged Organisation Programme (EOP) is a networking and coaching programme for senior leaders who want to network with other senior leaders to share ideas and learn from each other’s experiences of best practice in engaging people.

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