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360 Assessments

Gaining insights and generating feedback on leadership and management skills

Learning from feedback


  • The 360 degree feedback tool allows you to identify possible areas for development
  • Provides insights from other people and self-reflection
  • Easy to complete and interpret the feedback
  • Online questionnaire completed by you and up to 6 people to provide feedback
  • Entire 360 process including your feedback report for £75 +vat

How engaging managers can become more effective


360 degree feedback will provide you with invaluable insights into those areas of engaging people that you want to develop, while confirming areas of strength that you are already successfully achieving.

In our experience, one of the biggest factors in engaging people is the capacity to free up time to engage others.  This relies on you having the organisational skills to work most effectively.  The other major factor is having good communication skills that enable you to involve and engage others through great listening, empathy, assertiveness and influencing skills.

The 360 degree assessment will provide you with a useful benchmark to identify possible areas of development to enhance your leadership and management skills.

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