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Engagement Improvement Opportunity (EIO) Sessions

Involving people in engagement solutions

Engagement Improvement Opportunity (EIO) Sessions

  • Involve people in identifying solutions and ideas to improve engagement
  • Led by experienced facilitators who are trained at encouraging participation and solutions-thinking
  • Reflect the specific issues and contexts of your organisation – often following  an Engagement Survey

Engagement through involvement


The most successful organisations recognise the value of involving people in identifying what will be key to accelerating engagement.  The EIO sessions provide a useful platform to hear from people from different levels and different roles in creating positive actions that will make a big impact on engagement levels.

The EIO sessions are held at your premises over 1-2 hours with up to 12 people in a session (you may wish to hold several over a day or even a couple of days).

For further details about how we can help you to unlock the creative thinking to accelerate engagement in your organisation, please contact us.

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