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Engagement Survey

High participation rates are essential to understanding the true picture

Effective measurement enables you to focus your action


  • High participation is key to understanding what is working well and what needs to improve
  • Our Engagement Survey process has been designed to achieve extremely high participation rates as it is easy to complete and allows us to track and follow-up to encourage people to complete the survey
  • Anonymous feedback is key to getting the true picture of engagement
  • The Survey sets the framework for further insights and employee involvement
  • Our low set up cost allows you to run a survey without incurring high costs

Involve the most senior person


For engagement to be effective, the most senior person in the organisation needs to be visibly leading the programme – but also kept informed about the current reality through effective feedback.

Our engagement survey provides valuable insights to focus on those areas that are currently working well and those areas that need to be addressed to make both quick wins in enhancing engagement as well as longer-term strategies to motivate, engage and involve people.

The survey is a useful framework to enhance further employee involvement and idea- generation for improvements, which can be facilitated by us through an Engagement Improvement Opportunity (EIO) Session.

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