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The Engaged Organisation Programme For CEOs and managing directors

Who Is It For?

Senior Leaders who:

  • Recognise that when people are engaged at work, it has a massive impact on performance
  • Have a strong desire to create an engaging organisation, where people are energized to work towards a common vision and purpose, based on shared values
  • Value feedback on what is currently working and what specific barriers are blocking full engagement
  • Want to network with other senior leaders to share ideas and learn from each other’s experience based on real-life scenarios around best practice in engaging people

Format of the Programme



Initial Meeting

Working with the leader of your organisation – as the person who has the most influence to create the culture, behaviours and attitudes that will cause people to feel engaged – we measure the current levels of engagement to understand what is working well and identify the areas that will have most impact on engaging people.

The ‘7 Factors’ provide a useful framework to drive engagement based on the following key indicators: Purpose: is there a clear purpose, shared by all?  Integrity: what values drive behaviour in your organisation? Confidence in Leadership: do people have trust in the strategic direction? Involvement: are people listening and they feel listened to? Right People: do you have the right people in the right roles to succeed in your purpose? Involvement: do people feel involved; are you listening? Engaging Managers: do they have the skills and motivation to engage their teams? Wellbeing: Are you supporting positive mental, physical and financial wellbeing in your people?



Analysis & Coaching

Step 2 of the Engaged Organisation Process is where we build on the current reality of your situation and identify the options and specific steps that will impact on engagement: to create a plan for action.

The coaching gives you the opportunity to step back from the business to think about what is important, while also providing the accountability for action to improve things.  The coaching allows you to measure and identify those areas that are working well as the basis for doing more of what’s working elsewhere.

You can also learn from best-practice in other organisations by learning how they are managing some of the challenges you may be facing to effectively engage their people.



Engagement Survey & EIO-feedback

In Step 3, we find out what other people think.  You may already have an Engagement Survey in place and if not we can quickly set one up that will allow you to confidentially assess the views of employees.

We can also facilitate useful Engagement Improvement Opportunity (EIO) sessions that go beyond the metrics to generate creative solutions and practical ideas that will promote greater engagement.

The Engagement Survey can be done by us or you may already have a survey in place.  We are able to achieve high levels of participation (above 90%) in our surveys as we understand the factors that will encourage people to respond.  The high participation allows you to generate a fuller picture of what people feel and think at all levels in all areas of the organisation.

The EIO-Feedback is part of the coaching feedback to accelerate the Engaged Organisation process.  We have many years experience of facilitating successful Engagement Improvement Opportunity (EIO) sessions and understand how to encourage ideas and participation at all levels by creating the right atmosphere and environment.



Feedback & Coaching – Engagement tools

The feedback generated by your Engagement Survey and the EIO provided a useful map to make use of opportunities to engage people and address potential barriers.  1-1 sessions with your coach maintain the focus on those actions that will drive the success of your engagement programme.  Based on your specific requirements, you may also deploy useful engagement tools that will accelerate aspects of the engagement support.

The coaching takes place at your premises on a quarterly basis to review activity and plan ahead for the coming quarter.



Progress Reviews

The Engagement Survey is revisited after a year to measure changes in employee attitudes and provides a useful comparison to measure progress.

Benefits of joining the Programme

  • Measured improvements in employee engagement
  • Attract and keep talented people
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Focused coaching to drive engagement
  • Become part of a strong network of senior leaders
  • Confidence that your managers are engaging people
  • Enhanced performance at all levels of your organisation
  • Greater insights and ideas through greater employee involvement

Feedback from previous delegates

“Working with Hopkins & Ball over the past few years has really helped us in both distilling our values and purpose and making them a core part of what we do.”

Jim Liptrot
Howorth Air Technology

“Hopkins & Ball involvement has been a major factor in enabling us to identify the key areas to focus our engagement efforts”

Mark Sprawson
EA Technology S&I

The Engaged Organisation Club

The Engaged Organisation Club is a network of leaders and managers who meet online every other month to discuss best practice ideas in engaging people.

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