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Values Finder Sessions

What is most important to you?

ValuesFinder can help you articulate your core values


  • Organisations which have clear values, which are known and embraced by everyone, find it far easier to communicate the kind of behaviours they most admire to recruit, promote and reward people.
  • The ValuesFinder process starts by bringing people together in small groups to discuss what they believe are the kind of values that reflect the culture and desired behaviours of your organisation.
  • Results are then consolidated and put to everyone in the organisation to vote on as the values which they feel align with their personal values and reflect the overall purpose and culture of your organisation.
  • The ValuesFinder process provides the leadership team with useful feedback on what matters most to people as part of the decision on which core values best reflect the organisation’s culture, purpose and people.

Knowing what matters most


Values are the essence of the your organisation’s identity – your principles, beliefs and philosophies.  They define how you work: your priorities, your culture and desired behaviours.

By involving people at all levels and roles in the organisation in the process, enhances buy-in and ownership in the process.

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