How to empty your inbox

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There are a couple of ways to empty your inbox.  The first is to ‘Select All’ and ‘Delete’…most people find this causes anxiety!

The other way is to work to a very simple system…this is what I do and thousands of people I have worked with also do.  I have no e-mails in my inbox apart from new ones that I have not seen yet and I think that I receive slightly more than the average number of e-mails every day (I would say about 50 to 60 per day).  Sorry if this sounds a bit smug, but it is important to show everyone that it is possible, as most people initially think that it is not.

Although the system is simple, it takes a lot of discipline to stick to it, but I do (nearly all the time) and it serves me well.

The system is that I only look at my e-mails 3 times a day AND, most importantly, when I look at them I process them all top to bottom so that my inbox is clear…and I do this very, very fast (usually in around 5 minutes or less).  I delete or file anything I can, I do any actions that will take me less than 2 minutes there and then and, for everything that will take me more than 2 minutes to do,  I…

  1. press ‘Reply’ / ‘Forward’
  2. type in a few words describing what I need to do (the next action)
  3. save the e-mail to draft
  4. delete the original e-mail

I do the same with paper based stuff (except I only look at that once a week) and, as I write this blog, I only have about 10 things I need to get done (one of which was to write this blog).

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