Is your team headed for victory?

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A recent survey of 23,000 US employees found that only 37% had a clear understanding of their organisation’s objectives, 1 in 5 were enthusiastic about them, 1 in 5 understood their part in achieving them, 50% were satisfied by their accomplishments by end of the week, 15% felt that they were allowed the necessary resources to do their role effectively, 15% felt that they were in a high trust environment, 17% felt that the organisation fostered open communication and mutual respect, 10% felt that people were accountable for results, 20% trusted the organisation and 13% had high trust and a good working relationships with other departments.

If this were a football team…only 4 of the 11 players would know which goal to score in, only 2 would care, 2 would know their position and role on the pitch and all but 2 would be competing against own team.

So, how are the teams that you are involved with doing?  Think of the 3 teams that are most important to you or your organisation.

Q.  Do they have a clear understanding of their goals and are they aligned with the organisation’s objectives? 

Q.  Do they care?   As Martin Luther King said, “If you want people to move, it has to be towards a vision which is positive for them.”

Q.  Does each team member understand their role within the team?

Q.  Are they operating at a level that is greater than the sum of their individual talents?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you might want to think about how to put this right.

My experience of working with teams is that if you spend a relatively small amount of time making sure that they have a clear understanding of a goal that is aligned to your organisation’s objectives, you are over half way there.  Spending more of your time with the team or employing a professional facilitator will then get them working in an optimal way together.

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