Why passion and vision come first

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“People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you do and it’s totally true.” – the words of the late, great Steve Jobs.

Time and again when I start working with business leaders and they are not making things happen the way they want them to, it is actually because they have not defined what vision they want to create or they don’t have any passion for that vision.

It is also very important that this vision and passion is not for a particular product or service design.  It has to be for creating an amazing outcome for customers.  Just about every start up business (including my own) that I have worked with has lost their first few thousand pounds of marketing and design budget.  This is, however, absolutely not a waste.  It is an essential step to finding out what product or service will deliver the outcomes to customers that you have a passion and vision to create.

Steve Jobs wasted about $250m on the Mac G4 Cube…just because he liked the cubic shape.  This kind of arrogance would bankrupt most companies, so it was fortunate that he had created a whole bunch of things that customers actually wanted first!

So, if you are a business leader, ask yourself what customer outcomes do you have a vision and passion to create?  How strong, say out of 10, is this vision and passion?  If it is not at least 9 out of 10, don’t bother going any further…the journey ahead is too tough and you’ll find that your efforts to make it happen are a finite resource.

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