The Communication Works

The Communication Works is for team members and managers who want to enhance their communication skills, so they can feel more confident and develop their teams more effectively.
What is the cost of poor communication to you and your business?
How much time, money and opportunity is wasted through a lack of understanding, poor management or miscommunication?

The modules can be taken as stand-alone workshops or as a programme of four sessions over two months.  Each session will take place at The Innovation Centre, Daresbury, nr Warrington from 9.30-2.30pm (Please note that Session 4 ‘Presentation Mastery is a longer day 8.30-4.30)

Module 1


How to get on with ‘difficult’ people
Having a win/win mindset
How to be a good listener
Understand first, then be understood
Questioning skills
Summarising, reflecting & paraphrasing
Being clear about your needs
MBTI preferences and communication styles
Perceptual Positions to promote empathy
Negotiation skills for mutual gain

Module 2


Taking control and managing your influence
Assertiveness skills
Challenging self-limiting beliefs
Managing your moods
How to say ‘no’ without upsetting people
Transactional Analysis for assertive conversations
Managing guilt
Mental Rehearsal for positive results
Influencing decision making
Win-win conversations

Module 3


Agreeing responsibilities
Setting clear goals & measures
Partnering for performance
Coaching skills for managers
The GROW Model
Scheduling 1-2-1’s
Performance conversations
Dealing with poor performance
Establishing development plans
Running effective appraisals


Module 4


How to manage nerves and adrenaline
Having a clear message
How to be an engaging speaker
Storytelling to inspire action
How to enhance your presence as a speaker
Voice skills for effective delivery
Knowledge gaps in speaking
The Power of Threes
How to learn your presentation
How to create interesting slides

What is covered?

How to

  • Feel more confident about yourself and your skills in communicating
  • Handle people better by understanding different communication needs
  • Negotiate win/win agreements
  • Listen more effectively to enhance your understanding of people and situations
  • Manage conflict and difficult situations using a 3 step model
  • Be assertive and know how to disagree without causing offence
  • Communicate effectively in meetings
  • Enhance your personal presentation and charisma skills
  • Manage and coach your team more effectively
  • Enhance your key 1-2-1 conversations
  • Influence others through persuasive public speaking and presenting

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  • Essential tools...I am far more perceptive now
    Katy Davies
  • would recommend it to anyone...brilliant course
    Nikki Girvan
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    Alec Doyle

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