The Leadership Board

The Leadership Boards are by invite only to leaders of similarly sized businesses. Each Board consists of about 6 leaders who meet every 2 months at each others’ premises.

Every meeting is focused on Employee Engagement and sharing ideas and there are engagement coaching sessions in the months in-between Board Meetings.

Every member of the board is committed to making a £50k+ improvement in the business through better employee engagement and to measuring employee engagement at least twice a year (our engagement surveys are included in Board Membership along with an onsite Business Improvement Opportunities Day).

Each Board meeting will discuss a particular leadership topic, give every leader a chance to get advice and ideas from the rest of the Board.

Membership of a Board also gives you full membership of The Leadership Club with the benefits to you and your organisation that the Club brings.

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  • “The goal of taking part in The Leadership Team was to be able to spend more time doing effective business development and effective selling. As part of the process, I looked at the pattern of a typical day and a typical week and homed in on those parts of the week that were being spent doing important developmental work. From this analysis, I came up with a simple, strategy that freed up considerable amount of my time and has given me a clear strategic intent on which to base my future actions."

    Charlie PearsonManaging Partner, Ernest Griffiths
  • “Just a quick note to thank you for last years course.  I really feel I have benefitted both as a person and as a manager/leader and my team are certainly more focused but also much happier as I make time for them on a more regular basis.  The work that we have done on time management has been particularly beneficial to me and changes have been made and they have stuck!! I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is managing a team of any size.”

    Ashley HopeDirector, Humphreys of Chester
  • “Personal development and training is hard to find time for but is very rewarding both personally and in business life. The Leadership Team provides just the right amount of peer pressure to make you stick at it. Sharing experiences of the ups and downs of business life with other business people also gives you a fresh perspective on what you do on a day to day basis and makes you a more thoughtful manager and leader.”

    Nigel WallisPartner, O'Connors LLP
  • "Jerry Hopkins’ style is professional and relaxed."

    Neil WarburtonManufacturing Director, Mast Group

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