Simplexity…the art of leadership

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If you’re a leader and in the middle of complex negotiations, issues motivating your people or trying to solve cash issues, you may not have taken kindly to the title of this post!  Yet it is a word that is gathering momentum and sums up what the difficult part of leadership is all about.

Time and again, those companies that manage to articulate a clear, simple vision of what they are going to create for their customers and what that will do for their customers, do well (Apple, Coca Cola, Disney and Mercedes to name but a few).  They also need to be sure that customers actually want it…not always easy to determine.  Those that don’t…well, sometimes they get lucky and muddle through often with lots of financial hardships, restructuring and management consultants.

The issue for leaders is getting to that point of simplicity is not easy and not obvious.  Sometimes it takes years and many iterations.  You have to persevere, love what you do and have faith that the simplexity will eventually emerge.

Once you have it, everything (managing people, getting money, negotiating deals) becomes easy.

In a few weeks time, another Leadership Team kicks off.  This is a group of business leaders who are committed to taking some invaluable time out of their business, not just to learn about best practice in leadership, but also to meet other leaders, share their ideas and reflect on their strategy…time and again, they find that Simplexity begins to emerge for them.

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