The problem with choice

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Most of us see choice as a good thing and we really do have an abundance of choice in the world we live in.  However, if you are like the vast majority of business people, you’ll also have suffered from it!

The problem with all this choice is that it makes it very easy to lose focus and, when we lose focus, we often lose motivation, so our energy drops and actually we get a whole load less of the really important things done.

Several thousand years ago, when we were all (well perhaps not all of us) foraging around for food, our choices were somewhat limited (find food or die!), but I imagine everyone was pretty focused and energised.  Nowadays, we can tweet, upload photos on facebook, like something on LinkedIn, read e-mails, order food online or actually decide to do some work.  Our choices are limitless, yet energy levels can drop.

The key to making choice always a good thing is to be 100% connected with a simple, elegant vision of what you are about and what you want to achieve.  You need to be highly proactive in creating and maintaining this vision and I guarantee that it will pay huge dividends.  It is easy to do…it’s just a choice…another choice.

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