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Managing Conflict

23rd June 12.00-12:45

This interactive webinar is for anyone who has to potentially resolve conflict between people in their team.

Conflict can be positive in many work situations but the problems arise when it goes beyond healthy debate to cause longer term damage to relationships.

In this stimulating session,  Jerry Hopkins will be covering ideas to help you manage conflict, knowing when and how to intervene, and the value of empathic conversations in working through differences.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to assess the impact of conflict
  • How to prepare and work through likely interests
  • How to handle a meeting to address conflict


The templates you need for this webinar will be emailed to you in advance to the address you register with.

Engaging Leadership Coach & Director of Hopkins & Ball

Jerry Hopkins

Jerry is one of the world’s most innovative thinkers on engagement and leadership. His mission is to help the best organisations in the North West and North Wales get even better by fully engaging their employees: building on what works and connecting leaders with ideas and people to inspire further engagement.

Jerry is an ILM Qualified Coach and Facilitator and a Chartered Engineer with an MA and MEng honours degree from Cambridge University and is also a qualified accountant. His previous career in the engineering and automotive industry in Germany, France and the UK, spanned engineering design, operations management and finance.

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