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The Engaging People Online Programme

for Leaders & Managers

Who Is It For?

Leaders & Managers who want to:

  • Have the skills to engage people more effectively
  • Lead high performing teams, with a clear purpose and values
  • Address gaps in their skills to motivate people to do their best work
  • Accelerate their learning in best practice in engaging their team
  • Learn valuable tools and processes about engaging leadership

Format of the Programme



360 Audit & Feedback Coaching Session

The Programme starts with a 360 degree skills assessment to identify areas of strength and gaps in becoming a more engaging leader.  The feedback is given via an online 1-1 coaching session with Jerry Hopkins to discuss the findings and agree the most beneficial training workshops and webinars.


The assessment is completed online by yourself and up to 6 colleagues, including your line manager and members of your team.

The 360 provides useful insights into areas for development as an engaging manager and recommendations for training workshops and lunchtime webinars, based on your individual strengths and gaps as a leader.



The Engaging People Skills Online Workshops

What is included in the Engaging People Programme?

  • 360 Leadership Skills Audit
  • Online 1-1 feedback coaching
  • Up to 5 online engaging leadership skills workshops
  • Follow-up online 1-1 coaching after each workshop
  • Up to 17 interactive lunchtime webinars
  • Further 1-1 online review coaching session mid-programme
  • Membership of the Engaged Organisation Club

You will be part of a group of leaders from other organisations to learn about and share ideas to enhance your engagement skills.

There are five Engaging People workshops (which all take place online) which combine theory, practical tips and techniques with experiential learning and group exercises, so you can apply the ideas as covered on each one:

At the end each workshop you attend, you will commit to actions that to enhance your engaging leadership, which are reviewed at your 1-1 coaching session with Jerry Hopkins following the workshop.


You can also participate in any of the 17 interactive lunchtime webinars, and again, your 360 feedback will recommend the webinars which are likely to be of most benefit to you based on your scores.

Lunchtime Webinars:

• Developing your Personal ‘Why’
• Developing more Thinking Time
• Avoiding Procrastination
• Minimising Distractions
• Having an Organised System
• Prioritising Well
• Delegation Skills
• Knowing your Outcome
• How to Set Personal Goals
• Focusing on Solutions
• Taking a Proactive Approach
• Maintaining a Positive Mindset
• Running Effective Meetings
• Contributing & Influencing in Meetings
• Negotiating for Win/Win
• Delivering Bad News
• Managing Conflict

The webinars are interactive and each one takes place twice a year.  Dates are available by clicking on any of the webinars.  There are also recordings available should  you wish to access the webinar at any time.



Follow-up Coaching & The Engaged Organisation Club

Following each online workshop you will have a 1-1 coaching session with Jerry Hopkins to review your progress since the session.  Your 360 audit will recommend which of the following online workshops you should attend, or you may wish to attend all of them.

You will also have a further review online coaching session with Jerry mid-way through the Programme to discuss progress and any issues or challenges.


Being part of the Engaging People Programme gives you membership to the Engaged Organisation Club for one year, which provides a useful opportunity to network and share ideas with other leaders who are also focused on creating engaging teams.

The Engaged Organisation Club meets online every other month.


What is included?

  • 360 skill assessment and feedback coaching online
  • Up to 5 online engaging leadership online workshops
  • Follow-up online coaching after each workshop
  • Programme of 17 interactive lunchtime webinars
  • Further 1-1 online coaching mid-programme to review progress
  • Membership of the Engaged Organisation Club
  • Bimonthly online Club meetings
  • Course materials

Cost of the Programme £795 +vat

Engaging Leadership Coach & Director of Hopkins & Ball

Jerry Hopkins

Jerry is one of the world’s most innovative thinkers on engagement and leadership. His mission is to help the best organisations in the North West and North Wales get even better by fully engaging their employees: building on what works and connecting leaders with ideas and people to inspire further engagement.

Jerry is an ILM Qualified Coach and Facilitator and a Chartered Engineer with an MA and MEng honours degree from Cambridge University and is also a qualified accountant. His previous career in the engineering and automotive industry in Germany, France and the UK, spanned engineering design, operations management and finance.

Feedback from previous delegates

“I would just like to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed attending the Engaging People Programme and how useful it has been to me.  The course has improved my focus on the vision and given me a real sense of purpose. The strategies, attitudes and course materials are tools that I come back to daily.”

Sara Forfar
Claire House

“Very insightful day which allowed me to structure my thinking and apply it to the right areas (at the right time), and to reset some fundamental areas of management activities to give much clearer purpose. Through Jerry’s input I was able to unlock even more energy and engagement from what was already a high performing team. I highly recommend this course to anyone running a team.”

Laurence Elner
EA Technology S&I
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