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What leaders really need is thinking time out the business. They always have and always will. This thinking time adds more value than just about anything else they do. They don’t need an MBA to do this, they don’t need an approved leadership course, they don’t need a coach, they just need to do it!

Yet, despite the huge value in doing so, a lot of leaders don’t and they and their companies are consequently at a huge disadvantage.

My work with leaders as part of The Leadership Team programme is very much focused on helping them create this invaluable habit and, time and again, I see huge positive changes in organisations when leaders do so.

Why? Because they start involving their people in defining a compelling vision/strategy for their organisation, they make decisions about structure (including getting rid of people who should not be on the journey with them), they stop doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing and delegate well and they optimise their communication skills.

It takes such a short amount of time (so little in fact that the Leadership Team cannot get ILM or CMI approval!), yet it has such fantastic outcomes.

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