Why leaders need leaders

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When we set up The Leadership Team, we did so incorporating 3 universally proven principles, the last of which is the subject of this article.

1. ‘The more leaders think, the more successful their businesses are’ – whether it is establishing a common purpose, developing strategies, creating world class communication plans or developing people and teams, success is always preceded by thinking and thinking often over a sustained period of time…you should never make a key decision after one brainstorming session.  But, thinking better than the competition is perhaps the most important role of a leader.

2. ‘Thinking time is never urgent’ – and every leader is hugely busy, so human nature means it often gets pushed to the bottom of the pile.  The more things that leaders can commit to ensure that they build in thinking time, the better.

3. ‘Leaders need to surround themselves with other leaders’ – spending thinking time alone or with your team or with your board is invaluable, but oftentimes the people who can give you the best ideas and stimulate your best thoughts are other leaders who are facing or have faced the same challenges.  Some will be able to offer shortcuts to the best solutions, others will thrive on thinking creatively on your behalf and all will benefit themselves while helping you.  As a leader, your leadership network is one of your most powerful tools, so maximising the value you get from it is essential if you are going to be as successful as you can.  It is worth asking yourself the questions “Am I getting as much as I could from the support available from other leaders?”

So, whether it is The Leadership Team, The Leadership Club, one of The (new ) Leadership Boards or another mechanism that you have in place, engineering time out in the company of other leaders is critical to a leader’s success.

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