Why managers are not managing

We’ve worked with a huge number of managers in the North West / North Wales area of the UK and you won’t be surprised to hear that the number one reason that most managers are not spending enough time with their direct reports to engage them with the goals & purpose of their team, to develop their skills and to get the most from them is…TIME…you probably feel you could do with a bit more of it yourself!

So the people that fulfil the critical role between the leadership team of the organisation and the majority of employees, often cannot adequately fulfil that role because:

  • they themselves don’t have sufficient grasp of their goals
  • they therefore find it hard to say ‘no’ to things
  • they get distracted and interrupted a lot
  • they keep putting off tasks or looking at things multiple times
  • they don’t, crucially, have any time to think clearly


This is costing organisations £000’s every day in lost employee engagement and lost opportunities.

The process of turning this round is actually quite simple.  It involves helping managers understand their goals better (both personally and in the business), be more assertive and proactive and adjust their time management systems to create an extra hour or so a day.

This then allows them to start to delegate more and develop more capacity in their teams.

BUT, you have to do this in short bursts – firstly it is hard to take managers out the business and secondly it is counterproductive to try and train managers for more than 2 hours a week (the kind of things they need to do are easy to understand and apply, so you don’t need to take them out of their roles for too long to do so).

So, we’ve worked with hundreds of managers on in-house courses (generally a couple of hours every 2 to 3 weeks) and on our acclaimed The Effective Manager course (1 hour, twice a week online for 4 weeks).

Below is a summer of the results of that work, but, in short, for about 8 hours of time and just under £400 per manager, you can help them generate an extra hour a day to manage – the return on investment is what they call a ‘no brainer’!


The Effective Manager - Average Scores

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