Why people are NOT your most important asset

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Well actually, if you are the leader of an organisation, they probably are YOUR most important asset, but the most important asset of A SUCCESSFUL ORGANISATION is the leader…that may be yourself.

Understandably, this is not something that most leaders would choose to broadcast, but it is true and it is worth remembering when leaders are fulfilling their role…THE key role in the organisation.

The reason is simple.  It is a matter of choice.  Who makes the most important decisions for an organisation?  Always the leader (…or may be the board who appoint the leader).

The leader, however they do it (collaboratively or autocratically), makes the following key decisions:

1. What is the organisation setting out to do?

2. How can this be hard-wired into everything it does?

3. Who is needed to make this happen?

So great leaders throughout history, throughout the business world and often the sporting world too are the ones who see / find the right path ahead, communicate it to everyone, engage everyone in the process and pick the right people to make it happen.  There’s usually a fair amount of determination and tenacity thrown into the mix too, but actually this is more of a management attribute.

I spend my time helping organisations at many levels:

– the Leaders (The Leadership Team)

– the Managers (The Effective Manager)

– the Teams (In-house work)

– the Individuals (Coach Plus).

It is all hugely rewarding and important work, but nothing compares to seeing a good leader turn themselves into a great leader and the transformational effect that it has on the success of their organisation.  The key, if you are a leader, is always to invest in yourself first…make sure you are operating as effectively as you can…before turning your attention to the rest of your organisation.

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